Founded in 2011, Terra Hungarica aims to promote authentic wines from Hungary as well as the whole of the Carpathian basin, an ecological oneness beyond political borders in Central-Eastern Europe. Comprising exceptional terroirs and home to many recently recognised and yet to be discovered grape varieties, with its continental climate the region is a perfect place for natural wine growing.

Working with 30 producers, we run campaigns, organize tastings and – most importantly – the Mitiszol Festival, the one and only authentic wine event in Hungary attracting hundreds of wine lovers year to year. Beyond domestic activities, we also represent many of our members abroad and help them find partners across Europe and worldwide.

All producers under our flag adhere to the following fundamental rules:

  • farming: avoiding the use of all kinds of systemics, artificial fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides, as well as harvesting machinery,
  • wine making: avoiding chaptalisation, the use of added yeasts, additives, enzymes, stabilizers, nutritions and all manipulation techniques.

Many of our members are certified organic or biodynamic, and use sulphite moderately during the wine making process.

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